Custom Built 18 Volt Battery Core for DeWalt DW9096/DC9096

You can rebuild your own battery with a custom built battery core. Our complete custom built replacement c ores are professionally built, using high quality, high capacity, high drain, 2400 milli amp hour sub-c cells. Built using professional equipment and quality materials. Each core is custom built, fitted into a housing, charged, volt and load tested before it is ready to sell. A battery terminal is attached so there is NO soldering needed. These cores allow you to rebuild your own battery. Instructions are included. You will need SAFTEY GLASSES, a number 10 torx driver to disassemble the battery housing. After removing the screws, lift of the top housing. Pull out the original battery core and replace with a custom built core. Reassemble the battery. It requires a moderate skill level to preform a core replacement. is not responsible for any damage or injury. SAFTEY GLASSES MUST BE WORN! If unsure you can do it yourself disassemble your battery first. If you don't like what you see, send it to to be rebuilt at no additional cost. Even return shipping is FREE! Or you may purchase a complete remanufactured battery.

  • Item #: PB-DW9096-CORE
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